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Michael Christian Alexander
Michael played the role of Freedom, King Tooetu's right hand man and lookout scout. His credits include: Hunting for Phish, Switchback, The Practice, Encore! Encore!, General Hospital, Port Charles and Passions. Michael brought the role of Freedom to life and was a real pleasure to work with.
Cristos Andrew
Cristos played the role of Yahoo-Innet, a henchman. His credits include: Desperado, Imposter, Striking Distance, From Dusk 'Til Dawn, Deep Blue Sea and Full Titlt Boogie, NYPD Blue, Melrose Place, Roswell, Baywatch Nights and Violent Times. Cristos played a true hardcore henchman which made his role very real. He was a real gentleman on the set and always showed concern of his performance while smiling.
Tina Arning
Tina played the role of Venus, Jonny's wife. Her credits include: Hologram Man, Maverick, For Love or Money, Matinee, Frasier, Everybody Loves Raymond, Resurrection Boulevard, The Young and the Restless, Days of our Lives and Love and War. Tina played the tough Venus to the hilt but was an angel to us all.
Kimberlee Barlow
Kimberlee played Kara, a Cabana Girl. Her credits include: Run Johanas Run, Angel Heart, and Retreat to the Wild. Kimberlee was absolutely stunning and a sweetheart to work with.
Aaron Brumfield
Aaron played Security Guard #2. His credits include: Russia L.A., May I Be Your Bratwurst, Confidence, Cradle to the Grave, Strange Days, Bowfinger, Ed TV and Charlie's Angels, Battledome, Girlfriends, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Friends and neighbors, Fastlane, Sex & the City, The Steve Harvey Show, Charmed and Marshall Law. Aaron's presence was formidable and very strong but a nobel gentleman to work with.
Jon Cope
Jon played the role of Lucky, Captain Squid's First Mate. His credits include: The Smuggler, The First Time, Men in Black II, The Majestic, Scorcher, The Path to War, The One, Shadow Fury, Showtime, America's Sweethearts, Boston Public, Carinvale, Crossing Jordan, Deep, Madison Heights, VIP and Six Feet Under.
Darcy Donavan
Darcy played the role of a Woman in House. Her credits include: Cofessions of a Dangerous Mind, Peroxide Blonde, Showtime, Tomcats, Nature's Trail, and Passions. Darcy is a fun gorgeous gal who is totally devoted to her babies, that is, Ringo a spunky Chihuahua and Precious her sweet little Pomeranian. Ringo's demise gave her the reality to bring her role to life and then some.
Heidi Ender
Heidi played the role of Bella Donna, a henchwoman. Her credits include: Adrenalin, Unexpected Journey, Champion Killer, Insanity, Howard the Rabbit, East Meets West, and Flight of Fear. This crazy henchwoman was always over the top and havin fun with it. She made work very enjoyable and fun.
Laurie Franks
Laurie played Captain Pearl. Her credits include: Popular, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Politically Incorrect, Teen Angel, In the Heat of the Night, Tales from the Crypt, General Hospital and Ryan's Hope, Blunt, Dave, Bram Stoker's Dracula and Return to Kelseyville. Laurie's grittyness and rugged exterior in which she played her role made you believe she was real. Truth is Laurie is a real sweet gem.
Anthony "Big Tony" Katsoulas
Anthony played Security Guard #1. His credits include: Camden, Killer.com, Crazy Jane, Crackdown and the Violent Zone. Tales of Big Tony are on TV's Current Affair, The 7:30 Report and ABC Report. He belongs to the Diplomatic Protection Group and is a Personal Bodyguard to Royalty and Heads of State. Tony's performance was as real as it gets. This big guy is awesome but a real stand up gentleman and a very kind man.
Lynda Lenet
Lynda played the Little Old Lady with the shopping cart. Her credits include: Woody Allen's "New York Stories", Payback, Lakeboat, Stich in Time, Married with Children, The Edge of Night, Wasteland and Miami Vice. Lynda's portrayal was short but sweet and added humor to a difficult role. She waited all day long like a real trooper for us to finally get to her part. Finally at the end of the day without a single complaint, she was there when it came time and gave an excellent performance. Kudo's Lynda.
Tim Lounibos
Tim played the role of Yosur, a henchman and Diablo's right hand man. His credits include: Steel Sharks, Cowgirl, Wonton Soup, Terminal Velocity, Jag, The Practice, Becker, Profiler and Star Trek: The Next generation. Tim's bumbling and hilarious antics were just what this charcter needed. His timing was impeccable and his presence was very enjoyable.
Butch McCain
Butch played the Pilot. His credits include: Extreme Adventures of Super Dave, Outside Ozona, Bio Dome, Wing Walker, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Martial Law, All My Children, General Hospital, All That, Kenan and Kel, Good Morning America and Hee Haw. Butch's inimatable demeanor gave truth to his role, as well as making work with him a pleasure.
Leo McSweeney
Leo played the role of the Military Drill Instructor. His credits include: the Fox reality show Boot Camp, John Walsh Pilot, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Extra, Talk Soup and Fox News. What a guy, strong, forceful but a stand up gentleman with humbleness and an extreme delight to be around.
Richard Moll
Richard played the role of the Diablo, head of the henchmen and retriever of the scepter for King Tooetu. His filmography is voluminous, a few of his credits include: Casper-Ghost Central Station, Terminal Force and Terminal Force 2, Jingle All The Way, The Elevator, Secret Agent Club, Beanstalk, National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon, The Sword and the Sorcerer, The Biggest Fan, Dumb Luck, Scary Movie 2, Flamingo Dreams, Teen Monster, Batman "Gotham Nights" and the Animated Batman series, Me and the Gods, The Flintstones, Night Court, Bret Maverick, TV's Spiderman, Married with Children, Weird Science, Sledge Hammer and Dukes of Hazard. Richard's breadth of his acting career was taxed fully by his role of Diablo. It demanded everything he had, he met those challenges and went beyond the call of duty to his profession. He constantly interjected hilarious antidotes and dialogue from out of no where to make his part even better. He is a wonderful human being with the heart of a gentle giant. His belief in the script, the role and director was always unwavering and supportive.
Shannon Murphy
Shannon played Sara, a Cabana girl. Her credits include: Grounded for Life, Passions, Spy TV, The Sweetest Thing, Auto Focus: The Bob Crane Story, Gigli, and Legally Blonde. Beautiful Shannon was a real champ to put up with ice cream stuck on her over and over again but unrelenting in her come backs. She was a real sweet treat to be around.
Masi Oka
Masi played the role of Asian man. His credits include: Austin Powers III. Sabrina, Scrubs, The Gilmore Girls and Dharma and Greg. Masi had to find the good in the bad and make an extremely difficult cultural role funny, while all along not allowing sterotypes to prevail.
Eric Priestley
Eric played the role of Skip. His credits include: The Hillz, Those That Have Being, Buster in Love, Vertigo Kids, Love Fetish, Boston Public, The Bold and the Beautiful, The Jersey and Port Charles. Eric played his role to the top and was a very kind soul to the cast and crew.
Lou Rawls
Lou played the role of King Tooetu. Some of his numerous credits include: Leaving Las Vegas, Rugrats, the Blues Brothers 2000 and John Henry. A couple of his many charity shows are: The United Negro College Fund and The Parade of Stars. Lou spent eight years doing the USO Tour for our American Servicemen. He has more Platinum and Gold Albums than he has wall space to hang them. Lou Rawls and Hal Atkinson are the Composers and performers of the movies theme song. Lou made his role King Tooetu absolutely hilarious with his antics. He probably had as much if not more fun than anyone on the set. He and C.C. opened there home and hearts to the production for the King's Mansion scene.
Victoria Redstall
Victoria played the Mermaid. Her credits include: The Rock, Baseketball, Nothing to Lose, Hollywood Swingers, Cold Crush, Waiting for Wood, Eastenders, Sunset Beach and The New Gong Show. Victoria's spirit and animation made the Mermaid realistic. She is a lovely and humorous enjoyment.
Dean Schwartz
Dean played the Co-Pilot. His credits include: Borderland, Blind Eye, After the Game and The Life You Save. Dean is a great guy and actor that will stop to help anyone out but will lay you out with his jokes, whether you want to hear them or not.
Donovan Scott
Scotty played Captain Squid. His credits include: Blast from the Past, Sinbad "Beyond the Veil of the Mist", The Alaska Kid, Empire of the Eagles, Back to the Future, Psycho III, Police Academy, Popeye, Sheena, 1941, The Incredible Shrinking Woman, Savannah Smiles, Frasier, Martial Law, Babylon 5, Life with Lucy, Trapper John, LaVerne and Shirley and Remington Steele. I don't think we could have had a better actor to play Captain Squid than Scotty. He made the role with his great high energy and joviality. What a complete joy to have with us, he was fantastic both on and off screen.
Jay Sefton
Jay played the leading role of Jonny. His credits include: Providence, New Attitudes, That Damn Banana, Escaping Otis, Someplace New and Sunday Dinner. He won a best actor at the Cinema Texas Film Festival for the lead in The Clock. Jay is our shining star and the next big sensation in Hollywood. He took every scene and made it funnier than we thought imaginable. On top of that, he is such a wonderfully nice human being.
Tamie Sheffield
Tamie played the role of Tamie the Flight Attendant. Her credits include: Intolerable Cruelty, The Deviants, The Hunted, Slammed, King of Clubs, Wildflower, Force Majeaure, Planet X, The Mann Show, Thunderdome, and Just Shoot Me. Wowwee wow wow, is all that the guys could say when Tamie showed up for work. She played her role so perfectly, you thought you were on a real plane. She was so nice and friendly to everyone, what a delight to be in her presence.
Millicent Terraine
Millicent played the role of Viperessa, a henchwoman. Her credits include: Juice, Power Rangers, Personal Justice, Citizen Arrest and A Birth of a Parent. She has been the host of USA's Up All Night. The toughest henchwoman alive, she truly brought out the best and worst in her role. Her intensity was unrelenting throughout but when she was off screen, she was a dear.
Meadow Williams
Meadow played the role of Tara, a Cabana girl. Her credits include: Super Dave, Apollo 13, The Mask, Soul Keeper, Beverly Hills Cop 3, News Radio, Larry Sanders, Married with Children and Murder She Wrote. Meadow's beauty is absolutely mesmerizing. She flows when she walks and talks, and is as sweet as one can be.
Wayne Thomas Yorke
Wayne played the role of the Customs Official. His credits include: Moloney, Lost on Earth, Diagnosis Murder, To The Ends of Time, A.J.'s Time Travelers, Bordertown, Black Stallion, Wiseguy, J.J. Starbuck, Danger Bay, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Murphy Brown, Coach, 21 Jump Street, Neon Rider, Bingo and Runaway. Wayne's performance and timing was flawless. He made his role not only believable but very humourous, and to top it off, he is a really nice man.

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