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Dean Lent
Director of Photography
Dean is a UCLA film school grad. His credits include: Gas Food Loding, Border Radio, Bound and Gagged A Love Story, Catfish and Black Bean Sauce, country music videos with the likes of Clint Black, The Oakridge Boys and Steve Forbert, ad etcetra. Dean did a great job of shooting the film and telling the writer's story.

Tom O'Brien
Sound Supervisor
Tom came on during post production to help with setting up for the 5.1 Surround Sound re-recording mixing. We soon found out that he was needed to cure a plethora of problems that occured during Dialogue, Effects, Foley and Background Editing. He took a nightmare and turned it into a wonderful dream that lives on today as a legend. Tom hung in their and supervised the 5.1 sound for the screening at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Thanks Tom for saving our perverbial, and always being there, you made the picture come alive with sound.

Lou Rawls
Lou in his usual brillant way sang the lyrics like no one but he could.

Hal Atkinson
Hal wrote the lyrics to the theme song "Uh Oh!" so that it brought out the best in the character Jonny. He also wrote the upbeat catchy melody and performed the entire instrumentation of the theme song.

Robert Shirreffs
Script Supervisor
Robert's knowledge, attentiveness to detail and constant diligence in backing up the director was unrelenting. His work ethic along with his great personality won the director's heart.

Paul Etheredge-Ouzts
First Assistant Director
Paul was hired only a few weeks before production. He pushed everyday to stay on time and on schedule during shooting.

Wendy Lyon
Second Assistant Director
Our thanks go out to Wendy for handling our cast during production.
Josh Siemens
Key Set Production Assistant
Our hardworking upbeat funny multi-tasker
Jim Ridgley
Sound Mixer
Thanks for getting us a good sound track and a complete one Jim, and thanks for being mello and easy to deal with.

Tim Song Jones
Boom Operator
Tim did a great job and was always positve and joking around. He also covered for Jim and mixed for a day. Thanks for the fun Tim.

Amanda Needham
Production Designer
Amanda did a superb job in designing and dressing our sets, and handling the props. She is a real sweetheart and a great person to have around. Thank you Amanda.

Chad Peterson
Assistant Art Director
Chad came to take over when we lost our props person the first few days of production. Thanks for helping out Chad, you were a real asset.

Tina Zarro
Costume Designer
Tina did an oustanding job as costume designer and on a shoe string budget. Everyone looked authentic and each costume had its own character. Tina was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Alana Laugerhausen
Wardrobe Supervisor
Alana was the first person on set and the last to leave. She was always up and very sweet.

John Perry
John has worked for Paramount, Warner Brothers, American Zoetrope, John Madden's team and many more. He was a real pleasure to work with and was kind and curtious to everyone.

Robert Goodwin
Stunt Coordinator
Robert brought his vast experience to our action scenes and we couldn't have been more pleased. He is such a neat person we cast him the first chance we had. Thanks buddy you were great.

Ross Clay
Green Screen Stunt Rigger
Ross did a great job in dealing with a difficult stage. His care and safety was greatlty appreciated as was his friendliness. Thanks Ross.

Maya Murakami-Koons
Head Make-Up Artist & Hairstylist
Thanks for taking care of our cast Maya.

Yuko Yamauchi-McCollum
Assistant Make-Up Artist & Hairstylist
Thanks for taking care of our cast Yuko.

William Jaramillo
Craft Service & Transportation
William thank you for having the coffee hot and breakfast sandwiches there every morning. We were more than pleased to cast you as the ice cream vendor and you did a great job.

Sitha Kosasih
Craft Service & Art Department Intern
Thank you Sitha and thank you for dressing up and playing King Tooetu's servant.


Mitsu Nakamura
Director of Photography for Claymation Blue Screen
Mitsu has had extensive experience in Digital Video photography. Shooting the inserts of these extremely difficult claymation scenes, required someone with his considerable expertise in DV camera and lighting knowledge.

Yuko Yamauchi-McCollum
Graphic Artist & Claymation Modeler
Yuko was instrumental in designing and creating the claymation sets and characters. She was always up, happy and joking around.

Kosuke Ueyama
Claymation Artist
Kosuke was a real trooper coming in repeatedly for months to create our sets and figures. He is a great artist and was always up and pleasant to work with.

Maya Murakami-Koons
Claymation Artist
Maya helped part-time with creating our famous little caricatures. Thank you Maya.


Hal Hundley
Associate Casting Director on Uh Oh!
Hal brought many years of directing, producing and casting of theater to the film industry, which he joined a few years ago. With over 150 productions in stage, TV and film to his credit, he has a wealth of experience and contacts. Jon Cope cast the majority of the roles for the production, however Hal brought in the lead and several supporting characters which were cast, thereby solidifying his capabilities as a casting director and our thanks to him.

Maria Rachinskaya, Annette Ramos, Angela Lai & Sheila Perez
Web Designers
A HUGE THANKS goes out to these gals who redesigned these web pages.

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