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Dear Mr./Ms. Ecologically Conscious:

This is an on going release of information for the sole proprietorship Controlled Ecosystems (CE), founded in 1967 under the name COPE Enterprise (Controlled Ocean Product Ecosystems). Following 38 years of research and preparation, I am seeking anyone to participate in this development of an ecological reclamation process. Please refer to the CE Business Plan Synopsis. To my knowledge, CE is presently the only company with a process designed to reclaim bodies of water in the manner or to the extent outlined in the Synopsis.

I have prepared a pilot project to completely reclaim a large lake as soon as possible. Waterway restoration of the type and magnitude proposed by CE can restore a level of quality to our environment that we all long to enjoy, nationally and internationally. Long-term industrial and societal pollution poses formidable ecological problems, in countries of Asia and Eastern Europe. The investors and supporters of this demonstration, as well as for subsequent endeavors, could receive important visibility and public praise for their foresightedness in restoring the environment. Investor financial dividends should be forth coming in the second project and all subsequent projects. So far the Fortune 500, Oil Campanies and Celebrities have all given us great kudos, however they say they are all committed. They all talk the talk but none walk the walk, unless it is for their own glorification, they contribute nothing.

Who I Am & Why I Have Taken on this Endeavor:

I was born Jonathan Lange Cope November 4, 1946 in Stockton, California and grew up on the perimeter of Lodi Lake, then clean and always open to swimming. Returning from active duty in 1966 I witnessed the water becoming polluted and decided to do something about it. In 1967 I started intense pursuit of my education in the field of Oceanography and founded COPE Enterprise to begin research and inventions of filtration and mariculture systems. COPE Ent. is now a subsidiary of CE.

Like so many other lakes in the world, Lake Lodi has reached such a polluted state that at times of extreme drought it is intermittently closed. During these drought years, the water, at times, has bacterial blooms and must be closed to swimmers. I have targeted this lake as the first in the line of many to be reclaimed.

For the past thirty-eight years, I, the City of Lodi and the Lodi Parks & Recreation Department have researched the project feasibility for the complete restoration of Lake Lodi and it is viable. Over an eleven year span (1984 to 1995) and after four thorough reviews, Lodi City Council is ready for and will allow me to reclaim the lake, provided I have all the updated research and bids for the work to be done in advance, be bonded, pay the associated costs (that is pay for the project myself) and complete the project within a delimited time frame, the Parks & Recreation Department had a very small allotment of money for a portion of the project. I was given until October 5, 1994 to present a definitive and functional formalized proposal (Business Plan) for the reclamation of the lake, however my time has run out and I have had to ask for and was granted an extension by Ron Williamson of the Lodi Lake Parks and Recreation Department. Time is still of the essence, it is as it has always been the funding that has caused a halt to this project "Operation Clean Lakes".

Only mankind can rectify what mankind has desecrated. This is an important opportunity to "reverse the tide." Thank you for your time, concern and participation. I hope to hear from you very soon.


Jonathan L. Cope

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