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Controlled Ecosystems
Reclamation, Depollution Systems & Hatcheries
Copyright 1967, U.S. Patent Abstract 1980

Project One - Reclaiming and purifying Lake Lodi, California

Making Lake Lodi safe for swimming and year-round recreation.

The Lake Lodi reclamation project has been approved by the Lodi Parks and Recreation Department, the Woodbridge Flood District, the California Wildlife and Fish and Game Department, the EPA and the Lodi City Council, and it is supported by many community groups. The project can be completed in 21 days and will be documented on film. The results of the project will be to permanently restore the lake water, plants, animals and ground water system to pre-pollution levels, which includes a year-round filtration system and closures from current external pollution channels.

Controlled Ecosystems (CE) was established for the reclamation and depollution of fresh water lakes, streams and rivers of different salinities.

Controlled Ocean Product Ecosystems (COPE) - a Division of CE was created and designed for the depollution of estuaries, bays, intertidal areas and eventually oceans, while simultaneously producing fauna for the replenishment and/or reestablishment of depleted coastal and bay organisms and for human consumption.

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